mywaxberry Faux Leather BDSM Sex Underwear Erotic Leather Supplies Set Toys Adult Supplies Couple Flirting Five-Piece Suit (Purple)

mywaxberry lovers set leather body harness slave restraints bondage bdsm sex flirting kit suit, black underwear panty with handcuffs

Product Features

  • Fit for beginner and SM enthusiast.
  • Great gift to your lover, Bondage fun, promote relation, Enhance more intimacy, try a new different sex experience ever before.
  • High cost performance, complete accessories.
  • 8-17 days shipping to US.
  • Safety design, each bracket is polished at both ends, and protected with a safety match.

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Niu-Man Leather Suit of Shackles to Compel Stretch Legs

Product Features

  • 【Secret Packing】

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Blindfold and Under Bed Straps Fetish Sex Leather Suit of Shackles to Compel Stretch Legs SM Binding Bondage (Black)

Maybe you have lost your passion for your normal life.

Maybe you just want a quiet life without any surprise.

Did you ever have not thought about changing your immutable life?

Did not you ever want to experience stimulated sex with your partner?

Now choose our Bondage Restraints Kit. Let your partner be the temptation of the devil. And then seize the moment to enjoy excitement and changing.

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Product Features

  • Made of superior leather,safe and non-poisonous.
  • Fetish Fantasy Series
  • Soft,smooth and comfortable to wear and no damage to skin
  • Eye Mask is made form Velvet Cloth, Soft and Comfortable guaranty
  • Tightness can be adjustable.

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