Under Bed Restraint Kit System, FansYueroad Bondageromance Restraint Kit With Neck Pillow for Couples Adult Restraints Set Toys for Women S-E-X(Black)

Want to spice up the bedroom with new toys?
The bed bondage restraint kit meets all your sexual fantasy about your lover!
Unlock more postures with bondageromance restraint kit
Add pleasure for sm lovers, great bondage kit toys for naughty couples

1.Fully adjustable restraint straps to fit all women and men;
2.Quick and easy set up Wrist and Ankle restraints bed system set, add pleasure for sm lovers.
3.Easily concealed by tucking under mattress when not in use;
4.Easy to carry, easy to hide, fast to be applied.
5.Discreet Packaging

Material: Nylon
Color: Black
Net weight: 10.4 oz

Package contents:
1 X Sex Restraint Kit

Your privacy is our priority – We will ship your package discreetly in an unmarked Box.

Product Features

  • Comfortable: The neck cushion provides comfortable support for neck. Healthy materials sex restraint cuffs won’t scratch your tender wrists and ankles.
  • High Quality: The bondageromance restraint kit are made of high quality nylon material, safe, non-poisonous and odourless and no damage to skin.
  • Maximize the sexual pleasure for you and your love with this restraint kit on the king bed!
  • One Size Fits All: Easily adjust bondage rope straps fits most.
  • SECRET PACKING – Your bed restraints bondage kit will come by secret packaging, please do not worry, only you know the secret.

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Bed Restraint Strap Tie Down Your Lover with Adjustable Soft and Comfortable Wrist and Ankle Handcuffs Fits Almost Any Size Mattress

Transform your bed into a bondage place with this quick and easy to use underbed bondage restraint kit. Pop it under the mattress of any bed and adjust the straps to the correct length. Then put the cuffs onto your partner and strap them down. Easy peasy.

The size and tightness can be adjusted which is suitable for both men and women. Moreover, it is of high quality,soft stout safe and durable property. It can be also used with other SM toys and has multiple ways for playing.

Material: Luxurious neoprene and nylon materials
Color: Black
Weight: 5.90 oz
Package list: One piece of sex toy

Product Features

  • Professional SM bondage suit can bind oral cavity,neck and hands.
  • Made of superior nylon, safe non-poisonous and no odour.
  • Size and tightness can be adjusted,which is suitable for men and women.
  • The ball is very versatile, it can be used for beginners and experts.
  • ONE YEAR WARRANTY – If you are not satisfied with our product. Please freely to contact our customer service and we will make thing right for you

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Bedroom Bed Leather Restraints SM Kit Collar – Suitable For Almost All Size Beds Tactical Restraint Handcuffs Ankle Cuffs Bracelet Kits Pack of 10 by Olilio(Red)

Package Included:

1 x Bracelet

1 x Anklet

1 x Leather Necklace

1 x Leather leash

1 x Ball Harness

1 x Tension Clamp

1 x Cosplay Crop

1 x Blindfold

1 x Rope

1 x Cross Buckle Chest                

Product Features

  • It is the scientifically designed couples’ SM wild ten-in-one sex toys, which adopts superior environmental PVC leather.It is quite soft and comfortable to wear these products and suitable for beginners and BDSM lovers.
  • This product is of great quality,stout,durable.Moreover, it won’t lose its color due to sweating or washing by water.
  • SM ten-in-one suit,upgraded sexual pleasure.It is quite suiatable for beginners and SM lovers.
  • Size is adjustable,which is suitable for both men and women.
  • Made of superior leather and nylon material,safe and non-poisonous

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