LISON Steel Ankle Cuffs with Locking Pins , High Quality 3 3/8″ (85 mm)

Unisex Chrome-plated Steel Restraints Rings 2 Pieces with Magnet Locking Pins.

Made from high-quality steel, these restraints are the perfect accessory for safe and fun bondage play.
The inside diameter is 3 3/8″, the width is ~3/4″

It has one O-rings for attachment to chains, ties or other bondage gear, so you can securely lock your sub to the toys of your choice.

Your privacy is our priority – We will ship your package discreetly in an unmarked Box.
100% quality assurance. ORDER NOW!!!

Product Features

  • High Quality Chrome-Steel Restraints for ankles 2 pcs
  • Magnet Locking Pins
  • Always sold SEALED, in factory packaging
  • Easy to use. The most comfortable and best restraint available
  • Average delivery time: 6-10 business days

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Premium Quality Diagnostic Neurological Wartenberg Sensory Pinwheel Pin Wheel (Chrome, 3 Head)

A2ZSCILAB Brand Premium Quality Diagnostic Neurological Wartenberg Sensory Pinwheel Pin Wheel

*In play, the pinwheel can produce a range of sensations and is typically used for sense play.
*The speed and pressure in which the toy is used changes the experience for the bottom. When used quickly, it can create a tickly sensation while used slow and hard can create more of an intense knife-like sensation.
*The amount of pressure required will vary from person to person so be aware of your pressure when playing.

Product Features

  • Creates a variety of sensations with slight differences in pressure.
  • Rotating spur. The wheel is comprised of 19 -21 short, evenly spaced, sharp steel pins
  • Latex-free. Reusable.
  • Used to determine nerve sensitivity as it is rolled across the skin

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BLACK, PINK, FUCHSIA, or PURPLE Riding Crop 24″ or 27″ NEW 100% FIBERGLASS SHAFT Horse Whip With Leather Slapper Nice Quality The Real THING NOT COSTUME JUNK! (Fuchsia, 24 inches)

New shaft 2017! 100% Fiberglass, will not break. This new and improved shaft is guaranteed not to break. Fiberglass is a high quality material and will not break under the most extreme conditions. 18″ (jump bat), 24″ or 27″ Inches overall Length, nylon woven fiberglass covered shaft, your color choice: Black, Purple, Pink, or Fuchsia – black woven leather handle, thick slapper at end. *Note: 18″ Jump Bat has rubber handle and does not include a wrist strap. Each crop from Prairie Horse Supply is hand made and marked with Prairie Horse Supply on handle end, guarantees fiberglass shaft, only from Prairie Horse Supply!

Product Features

  • New as of 2017 – 100% Fiberglass Shaft – GUARANTEED NOT TO BREAK! Shaft is still covered in your choice of Black, Pink, Purple or Fuchsia.
  • Woven Leather Solid Fiberglass Handle – *Note: 18″ Jump Bat has rubber handle and does not include a wrist strap
  • Woven Covered 100% Fiberglass Shaft, guaranteed not to break
  • Single Thick Leather Slapper At End
  • Brand: Prairie Horse Supply

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