Sex Orgasm Electro Sex Kit Electro Shock Cock Ring Massage Pad Nipple Clamps Anal Plug Medical Themed Sex Toys For Men Woman GAY

Output: 1*DC2.5mm
Power supply: USB line(Included) OR 3*AAA battery(Excluded)
Item type: Adult Games Tools
Material: Electronic original+ABS+Stainless steel
Function: massage, flirting toys for couples,SM game tools
Come without battery. We will test one by one before send.
The product need full touch skin, if you just use finger test it, contact one point, you will feeling the point is strong, please try hold it full, it’s safe.
1 .Please use warm water wash clean contact before and after using the parts of the body , use 75% of medical alcohol on a regular basis
2 .Please make full lubrication , not wet conditions can lead to a sharp stimulation can use auxiliary water-soluble lubricant , water , etc
3 . the body must be in contact with the positive negative terminal so that it can work Note .
4 .In patients with heart disease or the use of cardiac pacemaker are prohibited
5 .Minors under the age of 18 years purchase and use is prohibited
6. please do not use the items with women’s menstrual period anend pregnant women
7. drink more water after use , promote foreplay
8 . expand slowly , if can’t insert please don’t reluctantly or maybe hurt yourself
9 . zest urination within a few hours after the slightly unwell , symp toms will soon disappear if you feel tingling , you can take som antibiotics
10 .Please don’t open it , modification of this product , in order to avoid abnormal products damage to human body
11 .although electric shock is a highly exciting sex toys , but the product design in full compliance with safety standards , can be at ease use .

Product Features

  • This product acts on the sensitive area of the body with the weak current, experience the feeling of the current pulsation;
  • Promote muscle activity, increase blood circulation, low sensitivity population has a good effect, the simulation to create a completely natural hemp crisp and pleasure.
  • In the nipple, clitoris, vagina, mouth and glans g, create a tingling feeling, like the rain, gurgling water; can also agitate chatter, let you excited.
  • DIY , you can give full play to your imagination, play and dig according to the use of this method, to the greatest degree of enjoyment and stimulation. (pay attention to gradual safety.)
  • can enhance the excitement and pleasure of the body; it is the feeling that the whole world has not tried, and really comes from the nerve endpoint feeling.

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Under Bed Restraint System – Adjustable Straps Fit Almost Any Size Mattress – Bondageromance Kit with Ankle Cuffs Hand Cuffs Soft & Easy for Couples to Reach Orgasm, Black

Want to add new toys to the bedroom?
The under bed restraint strap set meets all your fantasy about your lover!
Unlock more postures with bondageromance kit
Add pleasure for lovers, great bed restraint toys for naughty couples
Bed restraint kit is easy to install.

Under the Bed System Strap Kit.
Fully adjustable to fit any size mattress.
Easily concealed by tucking under mattress when not in use.
It can easily make your bed into a strong constraint system.
Easy to carry, easy to hide, fast to be applied.

Weight: 8.5oz
Length: Adjustable

Product Features

  • Under the bed restraint set will keep your partner constrained and ready. Tie them down and play
  • Maximize the pleasure for you and your love with this restraint kit on the king bed!
  • Restraints are comfortable and sturdy, Wrists hand cuffs ensure your subject won’t escape anytime soon.
  • Enjoy positions you never thought were possible, perfect for the adventurous couple who want to spice things up.
  • SECRET PACKING – Your bed restraint kits will come by secret packaging

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UVOSONG Effectively Delay Male E-jaculation Time P-enis Vibrating Massage Ring – Extra Stimulator Women’s C-litoris Make Easy Or-gasm Vibrating C-ock Ring Adult S-ex Toys for Men’s

Material: Silicone
Power Source: Powered by 3 LR41 batteries, provide powerful vibrations while using

Size: inner diameter of 2cm


– Put the batteries in the bullet,press the button on one side of the bullet to open and close
– Wash product thoroughly before and afer each use.
– We recommend the use of a toy clearer. Such as soapy water
– Do not use on any open wound, skin lacerations of swollen of swollen of inflamed areas.
– Discontinue use if pain of discomfort develops

Product Features

  • Can effectively delay male eja-culation, thus prolonging s-ex love time
  • Reducing p-enis is the speed of venous blood backflow, but that don’t get in the way of arterial blood pumping, so as to increasing-hardening strong ferocious
  • Excellent imported motor, shaking force is strong, low power consumption,Made of soft medical-grade siliconesilicone, will not do harm to human body
  • Stimulated to the sen-sitive parts of the male and female,arousing s-exual desire, helping or-gasm. Increase the interest of life, improve s-ex apathy, so as to improve the quality of s-ex life, give a special and exciting experience, perfect as a gift for yourself or your lo-ver
  • Comprehensive waterproof make your love liquid cross-flow, it won’t be affected by any professional work as usual, and convenient to clean, strong practicability.reusable, soft and stretchable, s-exy play game for couples, will take care of each other’s desire

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