Fetish Fantasy Cordless Vibrating Nipple Clamps Teasers BDSM Nipple Play Suckers Sex Toys for Woman

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Feature:Vibrating Nipple Breast pu-mp Massager
Item Type:Adult Games
Function of Nipple Sucker:Nipple Vibrator Suckers
Packaging:Privacy Package/no Sex Word
Occasion:Roleplay foreplay
Fit for:Women Lesbian

Product Features

  • Material:Rubber,Model Number:Nipple Clamps
  • Feature:Vibrating Nipple Breast pu-mp Massager,Occasion:Roleplay foreplay
  • Item Type:Adult Games,size:Adjustable
  • Function of Nipple Sucker:Nipple Vibrator Suckers,Fit for:Women Lesbian
  • Packaging:Privacy Package/no Sex Word

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Stylish Bags – Your Deepest, Darkest Fantasy is Easy Play with Bondager-omance Bon-dage Res-traint Kit for Coup-les Pri-me Begi-nners Pl-ay Set Bon-dages Und-er the Be-d


Product Features

  • Come on, dare to become naughty! Use this kit to explore each other’s naughty with your help. Perfect for couples who have always wanted to try their, this set has everything you need to start enjoying your and provide you with endless fun.
  • Sometimes bedroom game can be a thrilling journey into the unknown and props can really add a fun setting to change the tone from blah to hurrah. Whether you are into ware or simply want to bring back the sparkle in your lover’s eyes, the restraints kit are a magnificent item for any couple.
  • Exquisite design, fits almost women. The set can be adjusted to the size you need and it will fit for your girlfriend. The restraint handcuffs can be easily changed in size. helping you ensure that your lover in an appropriate position.
  • The kit are made of high quality nylon material, soft, smooth and comfortable to wear and no damage to skin. The neck cushion provides comfortable support for neck. Healthy materials cuffs won’t scratch your tender wrists and ankles.
  • To satisfy your desire, you can stroke your partner’s body when he or she is by this.

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Vibrators Swinging Fetish Fantasy Cordless Vibrating Nipple Clamps Teasers BDSM Nipple Play Suckers Sex Toys for Woman,Remote Vibrators Women Big

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Feature:Vibrating Nipple Breast pùmp Massager
Packaging :Privacy Package/no Sex Word
Model Number: Nipple Clamps
Function: Nipple Vibrator Suckers
Occasion :Roleplay Foreplay
Item type:Adult Games
Fit For:Women Lesbian

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Product Features

  • Feature:Vibrating Nipple Breast pùmp Massager,Occasion :Roleplay Foreplay
  • Packaging :Privacy Package/no Sex Word,Item type:Adult Games
  • Material:Rubber,size:Adjustable
  • Model Number: Nipple Clamps,Fit For:Women Lesbian
  • Function: Nipple Vibrator Suckers

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