Nipple Clit Clamp With Chain Adjustable Breast Clips Clit Clamp

Sexy Y-style nipple clit clamps

Leave your lover quivering with pleasure when you introduce nipple clit clamps to your playtime.

A firm and satisfying pinch

The soft rubber coating on the tips of the clamps offer a firm and satisfying pinch that heightens your erotic response when released from your nipples

How to Use

Clip each clamp in place, adjusting the screw pin to set the tension to provide pinching pleasure with a hint of pain

Remove the clamps to trigger a rush of warmth as blood flows back into each nipple to leave them glowing, pert and ultra-sensitive to subsequent touches

Key Features

Sexy nipple and clit clamps with rubber coating

Adjustable design offers varied pressure and a custom fit

Clamps feature rubber coating for an intense but safe pinch

Product Features

  • Perfect as an erotic gift for your partner
  • Increases sensation and erotic response
  • Perfect for beginners though to advanced users,coating nipple clamp make you fell better.
  • Adjustable sexy crocodile style nipple and clit clamps for thrilling sensory play
  • Enviroment friendly material

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Fetish Adjustable Nipple Clamps Dress Clips Breast Labia Clit Clamp with Metal Chain

pleasure and pain as you lose yourself to the

slowly-intensifying sensations of these weighted

nipple clamps.

Adjustable pressure grips you during wear to

escalate your sensitivity until you beg for your erotic


Swaying from each tweezer clamp is a string of

metal weights, causing further sensation to

resonate through your nipples

Product Features

  • Designed to increase nipple sensitivity
  • these adjustable clamps are best suited to advanced nipple players.
  • Adjustable nipple clamp split bars for advanced BDSM play.
  • Easy to use portable metal nipple clamps.
  • beginner nipple clamps are a great way to apply pressure to your partner’s nipples

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Strawberry Nipple Clamps Adjustable Breast Labia Clips Clit Clamp, 1-Pair (S)

Product Features

  • These nipple clamps come with rubber tips to protect the nipple
  • Adjustable nipple clamp split bars for advanced BDSM play.
  • Material: Metal & Rubber

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