Nîpplé Play Întîmàté Clamps Àdûlt Séx Tôy

Soft, comfortable pads. Sturdy high quality dual chain for added sénsuality. Non-tarnishing, nickel free. Safe and pure for bôdy and pléàsûre made using Phthàlàté free materials. Nickel free Iron chains, clamps, PVC pads. 2.25 inches by 1 inch each clamp. 26.5 inches overall length. Bulk weight 2.5 ounces.

Product Features

  • Nickel free Iron chains, clamps, PVC pads.
  • Non-tarnishing, nickel free
  • Safe and pure for bôdy and pléàsûre made using Phthàlàté free materials.
  • bôdy safe materials PVC

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Adult Loaded Questions-A Rousing Adult Party Game

What Is Adult Loaded Questions All About?

Adult game night starts now! Get ready for fun questions, ridiculous answers and nonstop laughter, as you and your friends take turns guessing which player wrote which answer while writing your own personal answers to 308 suggestive, silly and stimulating questions. With highly desirable VIP cards awarding your efforts on every turn, Adult Loaded Questions guarantees all players a very happy ending.

For 4-6 Players / Ages 17+

Let’s Say It’s Your Turn…

1) Flick the spinner, pick the next card, and read aloud the corresponding question. (Let’s say the question is “What would you NOT want to find in your partner’s bedside drawer?)

2) All other players write a personal answer for the question on their answer sheets, which are then collected and read aloud by the player to your right.

3) After hearing all of the answers, choose your favorite and match which player wrote which answer. Match correctly and pick one of the highly desirable VIP cards. The player who wrote your favorite answer also wins one of these cards. The first lucky player to collect 8 VIP cards wins the game!

Components Include: Spinner Board and Spinner, 308 Adult Loaded Questions, 55 VIP Cards, Answer Pad, 6 Pencils, Rules

Product Features

  • The hilarious adult party version of the classic ‘who said what’ game. For 4-6 Players / Ages 17+
  • Features 308 new and classic Adult Loaded Questions, all new design, and added game play features/components for a laughter-filled Game Night
  • Questions include: What is an instant mood killer? / What word sounds dirty…but isn’t? / What TV show would you watch if it included full nudity
  • 2018 UPDATE: How To Win and VIP cards are updated in this version
  • Additional Loaded Questions games include the main Loaded Questions game, Party, Junior and On the Go

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Ghoulish Productions Kinky Bunny Rabbit Gas Mask Latex Apocalypse LARP Halloween Costume Adult Size

Made in Mexico Plastic lenses Quality latex mask One size fits most adults and children 14+ Deluxe Pink Kinky Bunny Gas Mask. Take it to the next level. Nothing intimidates more than someone wearing a gas mask.

Awesome details:

Good quality rubber latex gas mask

Plastic lenses cover eye holes -Several air vents

Full over-the-head mask

This is a costume accessory only Ideal for post world events, cosplay, radioactive fall out themes, fetish play, LARP, etc.

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