Boň-d-À-gÉromÂňcé Bon-d-À-gé Ré-s-t-rÂínt K-it for Co-u-p-lés Pr-i-m-é Bé-g-i-nnÉrs Pl-ày SÉt Bo-ň-d-Âgés K-it thé B-É-d


Product Features

  • Ready to wear? Do you dare to close your eyes? When you wear a kit, you don’t have to worry about distractions. You will be completely focused on the touch of your lover.
  • Place the webbing under the mattress and place an adjustable one in each corner of the bed. Attach the wrist and ankle cu-f-f-s to the res-t-r-aint. Let your partner put on the cu-f-f-s. Adding a soft eye mask increases sensory sensitivity.
  • In addition to the four cu-f-f-s, there is also an eye patch. The soft padded eye mask fits comfortably into the eyes of the lover, leaving them completely in the dark.
  • This set can be easily folded into a portable size for easy storage and travel, and can be carefully restrained when you need it. Simply remove the cuffs between sessions and reconnect them the next time you play the game.
  • Let your imagination go beyond your physical limits.

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