Soft and Durable Bed Straps Set Kit Restraints

Looking to spice things up with your lover that can’t be done on bed?
Now we present you the bed straps set that lets you spread her legs wide open and bring the full force of your desire inside her.

Color: Black
Material: Nylon
Net weight: 8.5 oz

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Product Features

  • High Quality: Made of high quality nylon material very soft to touch, non-poisonous and odourless.
  • Adjustable: Easily adjusted to the size you need and it will fit for your girlfriend.
  • Comfortable to wear and no damage to your skin.
  • Easy to adjust restraint kit, fits for all body types, the cuffs feature velcro, change size easily.
  • This bed straps set is removable and won’t damage your mattress.

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