Excellent Bags – His Full Weight Forced Me Into the Mattress with Bon-da-gero-mance Bon-dage R-es-traint K-it for Cou-ples P-rime Begin-ners Pl-ay Un-der the B-ed


Product Features

  • For couples who want to find some toys in the bedroom, it’s more fun, can your important people, and make power struggle a new meaning.
  • The restraint system comes with a total of four wrist and ankle cuffs so you can strap your partner’s arms and legs to the bed! The cuffs are lightly padded for a comfortable and safe fit.
  • Heighten Senses For Games! The blindfolds is perfect for use in games, roleplay, and in conjunction with other toys.
  • Putting away your set is a doddle. Simply undo the seatbelt-style clasp to release each strap from your mattress and, hey-presto, you’re done. Plus, this nifty design means you shouldn’t need to adjust the straps for your bed again, making set up and take down seamless for each subsequent use.
  • The perfect toy complement to all your of fantasies!

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