Powerful Suction Bottles – Suck up and Massage Every Part of The Body You Can Think of

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Product Features

  • Not only is a naughty sucker bottle for mind blowing solo pleasures, add it to your love, and you’ll both be impressed!
  • Made from ultra-smooth and flexible body-safe PVC, smooth PVC is hypoallergenic for body-safe use.
  • Just place each sucker bottle onto your body. Stop with just a little suction, or keep twisting until you reach your maximum intensity. And you will enjoy extra pleasure.
  • The clear plastic cylinders offer a window to your pleasure-time. Watch as your body respond naturally to the pressure, enlarging and becoming more erect. To remove, simply twist the tops in an anti-clockwise direction.
  • It’s a fine line between pleasure and pain, take your excitement to the next level with the pinch adjustable sucker.

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